Happy Birthday, E-Water! E-Water
What do I need in order to watch a Flash?
First, you must install a flash-player plug-in if you don't already have it. You can download it from www.adobe.com. When playing flash files be sure to turn on your sound so you can experience the full beauty of the messages.
Flash Player
Adobe Flash Player
How can I watch the flashes when I'm offline?
In order to watch a flash offline, you must download the zip file. After decompressing it you find two files: a .swf and an .html file. Be sure that both files are in the same subfolder. Now open the .html file in your browser (like Internet Explorer).
How do you make the flashes?
The flashes were designed with a programm called SwishMax 2. Adobe Photoshop is used to edit the images.
How can I set E-Water as my home page?
If you would like to have E-Water available to you every time you open your web browser, then simply follow this small procedure to set E-Water as your home page.
  • Internet Explorer:
  • Other web browser: click and drag this link onto your home button.
Can I embed the flashes on my homepage
Of course! Please pay attention to the copyright and set a link to http://www.e-water.net. Unfortunately I can't help you if you have technical problems. But in most cases, Google knows a good answer.
The PowerPoint files (PPS) don't work. What can I do?
In fact, the PowerPoint files are no classic PowerPoint documents, but only embedded flash files. Therefore you need the Adobe Flash Player in order to watch them.
Can I edit the PowerPoint files?
Yes, it's possible. In order to load and edit the file in PowerPoint, you have to rename it from *.pps to *.ppt (Windows: key F2). Please consider, that the animation itself is not modifiable. It's only one slide with an embedded flash file.
The avi videos don't run on my computer. Can you help me?
In order to watch the avi videos you need the right codec. In this case you need the MPEG-4 codec. I recommend installing the free and open source VLC media player. For those who are interested in the technics: The videos were coded with Xvid (about 150 kbps), the audio is compressed with Lame-mp3 (128 kbps) and the data is stored in an avi container.
I would like to send an E-Card. But there is no "Send" button.
In order to send an E-Card, you have to click on the "Preview" button beneath the form. On the next screen, you will find a button to send the card.
When I send an E-Card, no e-mail will be sent.
Most probably the problem is the spam filter of your mail program. Unfortunately a spam filter sometimes thinks the e-mail is spam and puts it in the spam folder. Please also check your spam folder. As programmer, there is no way to influence this unwanted habit.